New Era For Bathroom Furniture

Started a new important phase of renewal of production and designer bathroom furniture solution brief Puntotre

A true revolution that will bring in a few months to a new way of conceiving the design flexibility and the configuration of the proposed Puntotre. An important development in step with the times and the needs of design engineers and designers who need increasingly dynamic tools and resources to quickly find original solutions for each context.

In practice, the first sign of that change is reflected in the introduction of the system concept, which is already visible in the Organization of the most successful models within our site. Since yesterday, in fact, all Puntotre are available from the new entry “bathroom” in the main menu; from the page to which you have access you can see already the first modifications concerning the organization according to the new concept of system (throat and handle).

This small step will follow in the coming months the total restyling images of compositions, giving all our followers a renewed and fresh brand presentation Puntotre, with many ideas and new ideas to complete your bathroom decor!

At the same time, our price list will be renewed following the same usability and logic, becoming the best ally of the designer.

The Bathroom Design And Evolution Of The Space In A Modern Bathroom

Contemporary bathrooms between function and aesthetics, the evolution of a room online with our being.

In recent decades, a constant evolution of the concept of living and way of life the House have conditioned the design criteria and furnishings around the home.

The modern bathroom has played starring roles this process of change, showing the most significant changes, both functional and aesthetic point of view.

In the years ‘ 80 catches on the centrality of the body and personal care, promoting the development of new concepts of design and business (such as gyms and wellness centres).

With the affirmation of a culture increasingly oriented to self-expression of one’s being, the relationship with the home is turned from a purely functional dimension to an attitude focused on the creative approach to the spaces. Individual rooms went from service areas for thematic environments.

In this context the bathroom shelves service dimension, nobilitandosi for environment of relaxation, wellness and body care.

Every design element of the bathroom takes on a special significance for the attainment of a specific atmosphere, the room becomes space of expression and everything contributes to meeting the specific needs and lifestyles of those who live it.

Every detail is studied in an overall assessment, preferring the minimal lines, bright and spacious, tailored furniture, designer furniture and furnishing accessories, themed pools with latest generation materials, open-space shower cabin with flush fitting dishes, special lighting for a soft light and calming.

Innovation, research, aesthetics, functionality and increased awareness towards environmental responsibility, led the design and modern bathroom furniture to represent an important step towards an idea of home ever more integrated with our mental and physical size and our lifestyle.